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Welcome to my Web site!

I finally got some free time and motivation (Thanks Phillip) to update my site, However due to the lack of updating over the last 2 years, It seems that I have forgotten how to do this!!!! Hope this works.

This is a prototype website. Please feel free to navigate through and let me know if you have any suggestions (mustafa_almasri@hotmail.com). Thank you for the visit.

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Working on a business plan for a cafe concept.

Dinner party tonight September 3rd, 2009. Spinach fettuccini alfredo e fungi, Stuffed grape leaves, Byryani and braised leg of lamb. Orange creme brulee, chocolate volcano cake, assorted kataief and slice watermelon.


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MountainsWorking on a photo album that includes travel photos as well as food photos with recipes.

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