Blowholes, Western Samoa. May 2006 Interests
Blowholes, Western Samoa. May 2006


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My interests remain the same, amazing...

I obviously like cooking, but I also like traveling, the outdoors and photography. Here are some links of things I enjoy

  • Travel - Hospitality and Tourism goes hand in hand. I love traveling around the world and experiencing different cultural aspects as well as cuisine. I recently did a backpacking trip around the world, which was quit challenging in some places. Below is a great travel site for booking tickets, or just to find out information on your destination.


  • The outdoors - I like having proper gear when traveling or out enjoying the outdoors, in a sense it is like the kitchen "mise en place" and having the right tool for the right job or the right gear for the right trip. I have been a member of this company for quit sometime now and have never been disappointed. 


  • SCUBA diving - I have been licensed scuba diver since 1999. I have been diving in Fujairah when I moved here. I recently joined the local diving club in the UAE, the Emirates Diving Association (EDA).


  • Photography - I like food and nature photography, however I need improvements in my skills. My friend Philip is quit good. Below is a link to his site. I recently joined a pretty cool website for posting my favorite pictures, and who knows maybe I'll sell few. 


  • Languages - Learning languages is great and can be fun yet challenging, learning Spanish at the moment using the Rosetta Stone software. Still in the beginning, but it is fun and easy to use program

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