I love soups, Thick hardy soups for the winter with a piece of crusty bread, spring vegetable soup in a light broth for the spring. A nice chilled gazpacho is perfect in the summer months, while my all time favorite soup for the fall is wild mushroom.



Made throughout the world in various styles
Mise En Place
1 Ea. Cutting Board Serves 12
1 Ea. Chef Knife  
1 Ea. Scale
1 Ea. Mixing Bowl
1 Ea. Sauce Pot
1 Ea. Vegetable peeler
1 Ea. Can opener
1 kg Canned tomatoes
3 Ea. Medium onions
3 Ea. Medium carrots  
5 Ea. Cloves garlic  
100 g  Tomato paste  
1 Tsp. Ground Allspice  
5 Tbs. Dry basil  
50 g Fresh basil for garnish  
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
1 Heat pot over medium add vegetable oil
2 Peel, Julienne Onions and sweat in pot
3 Crush garlic and add to onions
4 Peel carrots, rough cut and add to onion mixture
5 Add dry basil and allspice. Continue to sweat
6 Add tomato paste 
7 Add canned tomato and equal amount of water
8 Bring to a simmer for 1 hour
9 Rinse and chiffanade basil
10 Puree soup with stick mixer, season with S&P
11 Garnish with basil


Looking for more soups?? I will post some soon, let me know if you have some favorites you would like to see, . Come back soon







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